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Hey strategy game fans, we are looking to be as inclusive as we can for all the of the video game communities in Newcastle so we will be hosting our first Strategy Game night starting off with AoE Conquerors!!

We will start off with some FFA maps (up to 8 players) and if we have enough numbers we can run two games at the same time and then hold a finals match as well!

Time – 6pm
Price – $10
Prize – TBA


System – PC
Version – Age of Empires II – Conquerors with Voobly

– Map – Random, 200
– Population – 200
– Speed – Normal
– Resources – Standard
– Starting Age – Dark Age
– Final age – Imperial Age
– Lock teams/ Teams together

We are still new in hosting Strategy game nights and we’d love any community feedback we can get to help push these into regular event series over a range of different games. So if you are passionate about this genre of games and would like to see it grow please drop us a a message!